Why Etsy?


First of all if you’ve never heard of Etsy or visited the site, you really should do that now. It is an amazing resource for handmade items from all over the world and its getting better everyday.

Now why I chose to give it up. I have been selling my wares on Etsy since January of 2006. The attention I paid to Etsy in general and my store specifically has ebbed and flowed since then, but in the summer of 2007 I really began to spend an increasing amount of my spare time on Etsy. It started as soon as I got up – I would grab some breakfast and login to Etsy. Every morning. I would do this under the guise that I was checking to see if I sold anything, but I receive email notifications for sold items so that was a poor excuse. Really I was just slowly, but surely becoming addicted. I would shop, or browse the forums, or worst of all – create treasury lists.

In the fall of 2006 Etsy launched a new feature called the Treasury. Basically it is a large rotating collection of lists of items that users create to highlight things they like. Etsy provides many different, interesting ways for users to shop, but the Treasury is unique in that it allows any registered Etsy user to kind of “show off” the fun items they’ve found. And then usually Etsy admin chooses different lists to feature on the front page. So now I had incentive to spend additional hours pulling items I had bookmarked into Treasury lists.

And then, even before the Handmade Pledge, I decided that I would attempt to do a primarily Etsy Christmas. I do rely heavily on Etsy for a lot of my purchases now, but this goal, again, just provided yet another excuse for me to devote time to Etsy. I was rather successful (I’d say about 70% of gifts were from Etsy), but I was definitely getting burnt out on Etsy by the end of December.

And so I chose to give up my treasured handmade shopping center for the month of January. I am kicking myself for not regularly blogging about this experience, however I will try to highlight the process thus far and begin blogging every day now.


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