Sun, sand and Etsy


Since I was planning on leaving on January 5th for the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico I really didn’t have much time to think about Etsy, aside from the planner ordeal. But my addiction would rear its ugly head even while lounging next to the pool at our hotel. I believe the Etsy poolside discussion evolved out of a greater discussion of interior design and how Megan and I would each like to decorate our homes. I’m sure I mentioned Etsy first, since I am the obsessed one, and she explained how she had only just recently discovered what a great site it was. As we continued to talk about the ins and outs of Etsy, I had an increasing urge to walk poor Megan over to one of the hotel’s guest computers (both of which were way too conveniently located right next to the pool, in an open lounge area) and share with her my extensive list of favorite Etsy artists. The thought would linger in my head for the rest of that day and every time we discussed interior design for the rest of the trip.

Now I still have 10 days of Etsy abstinence left, but I can pretty confidently say that this day most accurately illustrates the frightening attachment I’ve developed to this web site. There I was in beautiful, sunny Mexico lounging luxuriously next to the pool and all I could think about was how fun it would be to spend some time on the computer perusing my Etsy favorites with Megan? What is wrong with me? There is not a web site in the world that should trump relaxing in the sun in January for any winterbound Chicagoan, yet thoughts of Etsy successfully managed to disrupt my tropical escape more than once. I’m still processing this self-observation…


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  1. Mandy S

    Funny enough, I spent a good hour and a half on Etsy yesterday after reading your blog. And I already went through your stuff seeing who you normally buy stuff from, since our tastes are similar. hahaha! TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

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