February 2008 – Letting go of my lattes


image courtesy of dog’s age

For February I have decided to give up coffee. Now I am not really addicted to having a cup(s) every morning like many coffee addicts, instead I tend to go out and buy a latte in the afternoon or early evening when I need a second wind. Just lately I have become really attached to Caribou Coffee’s Northern Light Lattes, which are the tastiest lowfat lattes I’ve ever had. And since there’s a Caribou Coffee within a 3 minute walk from work, its become way too convenient to walk over there on my lunch break. Eliminating this trip for a month will surely save me some money and hopefully I will find some healthier substitutes for daily double shots.

Yesterday I did surprisingly well on my first day without espresso. Naturally after lunch I experienced some serious latte longing, but I simply had a little dark chocolate for dessert and forced myself to get up and walk around to energize myself. This morning I was also tempted to have a cup o’ joe with my boyfriend, but I refrained. Oddly I thought my troubles would be with the lack of caffeine, but so far I simply miss the taste of coffee more than the jolt of energy it brings me. I am only on my second day of giving it up though, so we’ll see how the rest of the month unwinds.


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  1. Mandy

    There is absolutely NO WAY I could quit this. I drink a pot of coffee most mornings and when I don’t drink that much coffee at home, I stop at Starbucks (DRIVE THRU) at least once per day– sometimes (like five minutes ago) twice per day. I’m blaming them however, as I got really accustomed to a lot of espresso on those mornings I had to open at starbucks at 5am. Why do you think they’re all so happy there in the morning??? :o) GOOD LUCK!

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