China – 9, USA – 1


As I already mentioned most of what I (and probably you too) buy apparently comes from China. Its amazing really. And, of course, depressing once you sit down and think about it. Its particularly upsetting when brands bare an American flag on their boxes and/or offer some sort of “American Pride” kind of disclaimer and then you flip the box over to see the “Made in China” stamp. This occurs more often you might think and I find it infuriating. Clearly these brand names are attempting to trick people into thinking they are getting an American product. And before this month I would’ve probably been a consumer fooled by this tactic. But I’ve taken to checking every label now until I find the “Made in ___” before I buy it.

Not only is buying American boring for a recreational shopper like myself, but it is aggravating and sometimes impossible when you’re shopping for essentials. I had some friends over for dinner this month and I attempted to look for a 4 quart casserole dish to no avail. I went to Linens and Things, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and came up empty handed. Okay so I did find one set of assorted glass baking dishes at Target that were made in America, but since I didn’t need the other five pieces in the box I decided against it.

The next day I took a cooking class at Chopping Block and wanted to pick up some steak knives afterwards because they were offering a sale on their knives. I didn’t have very high hopes for finding any since most of the good knife manaufacturers seem to be foreign anyway. I was almost amused when I found the familiar “Made in China” sticker on the bottom of the box for expensive Japanese chef’s knife. Almost, but not quite. Much to my heart’s delight I was elated when I discovered that the only set of steak knives that Chopping Block carries is this Rada set, which is made in the USA. I spent the rest of the day in a haze of happy disbelief that I had actually found something I needed that was not made in China. I almost want to write to Rada and thank them for their American craftsmanship.



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4 responses to “China – 9, USA – 1

  1. Good for you, it isn’t easy, is it?

  2. christal

    my question to you is this–

    how are you getting from place to place with all the searching? by car? isn’t the gas you are using to fuel the vehicle technically made somewhere other than the US? and isn’t it awfully inefficient to drive all over the world looking for casserole dish?

    just curious…..

  3. giveitup


    Honestly I think if I wanted to get technical, everything we consume has SOMETHING that isn’t made in the USA. The fibers in the clothes, the metal in my bakeware, etc. So like food I viewed gas as something I wasn’t going to refrain from using because it technically comes from a country outside our own.

    As far as my search for the casserole dish, all of the stores that I went to were within 3 miles of each other. Maybe even less than that. Yes it was probably an inefficient use of my time, but if what I’m giving up doesn’t actually negatively impact my daily life then I probably shouldn’t have chosen to give it up. I needed to search for the USA made dish to fully understand how buying foreign made products becomes something I completely take for granted.

  4. Thanks for writing about this and letting us know that Rada is “Made in USA”.

    I agree with you and share your interest in buying American made products, so much so that I’ve been working on – a website that features quality American made products categorized by state of manufacture.

    As for the casserole dish you were seeking, Pyrex is a great brand and made in Pennsylvania. has a large selection of Pyrex glassware.

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