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My clock winds down


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So my infatuation with being a tea drinker was short-lived. Or I should say I am still infatuated with tea drinkers, but I shall never become one. Although I have enjoyed Todd and Holland’s amazingly aromatic Purple Rain (which will be great for summer iced tea) and Yogi’s Mayan Cocoa Spice, I’m quickly tiring of tea drinking. Not only is tea not as delicious to me as coffee, it definitely isn’t providing me with the pick-me-up that coffee does either. My after lunch and/or late afternoon slumps continue to remain slumps, even after a nice cup of tea.

More annoying are my Tuesday evenings, when I work late. I used to follow every Tuesday dinner with an evening latte that would help to keep me going after work at home. Without my espresso desserts I power out pretty soon after I get home.

All of this is compounded by the fact that I am narcoleptic. Many people asked me how I was going to give up coffee, as if its my only means of staying awake. I take medication to keep me awake during the day, so I knew that I could sacrifice coffee and still function. However I have actually had doctors advise me to drink coffee when I need to and now I understand how much it does help me stay awake. It really does carry me through the slumps at work when I am tired and it isn’t time to take my medication. The Tuesday evenings are another story. I really cannot say I’ve ever had a physician advise me to drink coffee in the evening, since evening caffeine throws off the regular sleep routines that are important for everyone’s general health, especially narcoleptics. On Tuesdays I know I use coffee to keep me peppy when I know I really don’t need to be. I know I don’t have to come home and complete half a dozen tasks before bed, I just feel like I do. Hopefully by the end of this month I can begin to change this attitude.



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February 2008 – Letting go of my lattes


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For February I have decided to give up coffee. Now I am not really addicted to having a cup(s) every morning like many coffee addicts, instead I tend to go out and buy a latte in the afternoon or early evening when I need a second wind. Just lately I have become really attached to Caribou Coffee’s Northern Light Lattes, which are the tastiest lowfat lattes I’ve ever had. And since there’s a Caribou Coffee within a 3 minute walk from work, its become way too convenient to walk over there on my lunch break. Eliminating this trip for a month will surely save me some money and hopefully I will find some healthier substitutes for daily double shots.

Yesterday I did surprisingly well on my first day without espresso. Naturally after lunch I experienced some serious latte longing, but I simply had a little dark chocolate for dessert and forced myself to get up and walk around to energize myself. This morning I was also tempted to have a cup o’ joe with my boyfriend, but I refrained. Oddly I thought my troubles would be with the lack of caffeine, but so far I simply miss the taste of coffee more than the jolt of energy it brings me. I am only on my second day of giving it up though, so we’ll see how the rest of the month unwinds.

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