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April 2008 – Bye, Bye WWW


image courtesy of CruisAir

Initially I did not want to give up the internet at home until after I was finished standing in as Interim Manager at my job, but my addiction to being online reached a highpoint last month and I felt I needed a break now. Plus I have two craft fairs coming up and it will help me discipline myself into getting some fun crafting done, instead of spending all of that time mindlessly surfing online. So in April I will be forgoing all use of the internet at home and at friends’ houses. The only time I am allowing myself to access the internet is here at work.

Of course this has already presented me with numerous obstacles. On Tuesday I really wanted to look online for Michael’s store hours, but instead I had to use the phone book. Yeah I know, boo freakin’ hoo, but it really is just an odd feeling to revert back to using the phone for things I have become so accustomed to accessing online. And within the past two or three days I have received a sudden flurry of emails from a bunch of random people which require lengthy responses that I no longer have much time to write during my lunch break. Finally last night I had brought a little work home with me and really could have benefited from being able to access my work email, but alas I refrained from getting online and waited until this morning to finish it at work.

Nothing terribly problematic has come up yet and I am letting everyone know that I won’t be checking my email so if they need me they’re going to have to call or text. Its definitely going to be tough, I’m sure, but I’m actually really looking forward to all the free time I will have to do stuff that I need to do.


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More online shopping


Due to the very limited number of magazines we could find in the Cancun airpiort, Megan and I put our last pesos together to buy an overpriced copy of Lucky magazine. Neither of us was too terribly excited by this purchase, but as it turns out there was an article entitled “The Best Websites You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of” that inspired me to want to do some more online shopping.

So what did I do when I got home? Settled myself in front of the computer and began checking out the sites I thought sounded most interesting. Within an hour of returning to my apartment I was already online window shopping. While I did find a couple new, nifty sites, like Reform School and Curiosity Shoppe, I really didn’t need to immediately look at them, but it was like a little project I assigned myself so that I could feel useful spending hours online. Less than two weeks into my Etsy hiatus I began noticing how addicted I am to simply being connected. I had spent an entire week with very little access to a computer and it kind of bothered me more than it really should have. This is why one month this year I will attempt to give up the internet. It will be interesting…

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